Durable Trex Fencing from Bronco Fence Utah

Trex fencing products are available from Bronco Fence in a variety of colors and styles to meet the design and functionality needs of your fencing system. All Trex products can be made to order for your specific landscaping needs. In addition to excellent design and durability, Trex products are environmentally friendly. Trex fencing uses recycles products to create this composite fencing, so nothing goes to waste.

Benefits of Trex Fence Utah Products Include:Trex Fencing Bronco Fence

  • Durability
  • 95% recycled material
  • Can withstand 110 mph winds and 130 mph wind gusts
  • Variety of styles and designs
  • Limited warranty

Trex fence Utah products offer long-term durability and weather resistance. This type of fencing can withstand exposure to the elements and the sun without cracking or becoming brittle like other fencing products. Additionally, Trex products prevent any rotting or mold growth, as with traditional wood fencing products. Talk to us today to see your options for Trex fencing.

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