Having a fence in your backyard can really add value, privacy, and appeal to your home or business. Though you might have considered getting a fence before, getting a fence is now easier than ever! As new materials and the investment aspect make fence-building a more appealing option, more and more people are hoping to have fences built around their properties.

The question is: What kind of material would you like to use for your fence? Many people opt for wood fences because they can be very antique-looking, inexpensive, and beautiful. However, the truth is that wood fences can require a lot of maintenance when compared to alternative materials. For instance, vinyl fences look good, don’t require stains, and won’t give you splinters.

Benefits of Having a Vinyl Fence

Apart from the inherent privacy that is awarded to you when you have almost any type of fence built, vinyl fences are great because vinyl is a very durable material. Additionally, if, over the years, part of your vinyl fence becomes damaged, you can easily have the portion repaired or replaced, which may not be the case with other types of fence materials.

Vinyl fences can last two to three times as long as wooden fences can. That means you won’t have to pay for another fence for quite some time and makes paying extra for vinyl a completely reasonable investment.

The Cost Comparison

Vinyl fences, when compared to other kinds of fence material, are slightly more expensive. Most quotes on vinyl fences range from $30-$38 per linear foot installed for privacy fencing. If you’re just looking for vinyl pickets, the cost is significantly cheaper.

If you would like to find out the exact estimate on what it would cost you to have a vinyl fence for your home or business, call Bronco Fence at (801)-820-0419 today!

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